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Jnas Westling Studio Picture


Grammy-nominated engineer Jonas Westling is a Swedish born mix and mastering engineer based in London. 


Over the past 15 years, Westling has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry from Gaga to McCartney, Melanie C, James Arthur, Newton Faulkner, and Gabrielle Aplin.

Having a good understanding of the music you're mixing is the key element to consistently delivering professional sounding results.  

Jonas has a genuine good taste and feel for the music, not just a technical mind he has an innate ability to know what the song needs and the ability to bring that sound to life.

 "I don't have a ‘one-stop fix’ mixing style, every song requires it's own thorough process. Each track is unique and deserving of respect. The music, melody, and lyrics dictate my direction; I always focus on what's important. For me, it's all about the emotional quality, energy, and vibe of the music that needs to shine, not the technical aspects, and I will do whatever is needed to serve that song. Getting people to connect with the song - that is the main goal. If they feel it – you’ve done your job!


Good communication is the key to successful results. Before every mix, I always have an in-depth conversation with the artist and producer about the direction and the vision for the track."   


Serving major label artists and independent artists alike, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to deliver mixes that inspire, combine to make Jonas the obvious choice for mixing your next production.

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