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Jonas Westling offers professional stereo mixing for major & independent record labels, producers, artists, and any other music-based companies across many diverse genres including pop, dance, electronica, acoustic, rock, metal, jazz, hip-hop & alternative.

All projects are different. Send an email or use the contact form and include information about the artist & label for a personal quote.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with Unlimited Revisions


Mixes are usually done within one or two revisions but sometimes a complicated and highly detailed track can take longer. Rest assured I will work on the mix until you're 100% happy.

All Additional Mixes and Remix/Live Stems Included

Once you're happy and the mix is signed off I will deliver Main Mix, Instrumental, PA  mix and if required; stems for remixes, live and archiving. 



All mixes will be delivered mastered to a very high standard for your evaluation. 

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